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We have 30 years of experience in wild animal removal and control. We can humanely remove problem skunks from your property and repair the damage quickly and effectively.We have the experience to rid you of a problem skunk quickly and humanely.

Missouri is home to two types of skunk– the striped skunk and the Eastern Spotted skunk (also called a civet cat). Spotted skunks are rare and protected by law in Missouri. The striped skunk is much more common and more likely to be a pest. Due to their ability to spray up to 30 feet skunk removal is best left to the pro’s. We have highly specialized equipment designed to humanely capture skunks without the risk of them spraying.

Signs of skunk:

  • Small holes in yard made by skunk looking for grubs

  • Removal of low-hanging fruit or leaves on succulent plants

  • Hole dug under porches, concrete slabs, or sheds

  • Distinctive skunk smell

  • Skunk tracks

Aside from the obvious odor, skunks may dig up lawns and landscaping looking for grubs and other insects. They will take up residence in small spaces under homes or porches, and are difficult to discourage. Skunks are the most likely of all land mammals to carry rabies and other communicable diseases, so if you have a resident skunk, it is best to get professional help for skunk control and removal. Wildlife Control Solutions guarantees to solve your skunk problem for good!

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