Jun 9

A Biologist Works to Reconcile Bats and Wind Energy

Tim Hayes, with Duke Energy Renewables, seeks to reduce bat and bird fatalities on the company’s wind farms.
Tim Hayes’s early interactions with bats on his …

Aug 23

Bat Season Is In Full Swing!

How to tell if you have bats in your home:

Accumulation of what appear to be rodent droppings around the outer perimeter of your home
Accumulation of …

May 8

Do I have RACCOONS in my attic? (part 1)

May is the month when most Raccoon damage occurs.
During the month of may our phones ring here at Wildlife Control Solutions non-stop with people having …

Apr 28

Bats pose increasing health hazard

A recent article about BATS ON A PLANE highlights the need for health officials to develop plans to deal with the increasing frequency of …