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We are the St. Louis bird removal specialists, specializing in humane removal and exclusion.

Effective Bird Removal & Control

Effective Bird Removal & Control

Birds, while often fun to watch and feed, can easily become problematic in the wrong environment. Whether it is woodpeckers in your eaves, starlings in your dryer or bathroom vent, or pigeons nesting in your commercial signage, we can help. Bird damage is often behind the scenes- in your walls, attic or eaves.

Signs of a bird problem:

  • Sticks and nesting matter hanging out of vents, especially broken vents.
  • Bird droppings accumulating in one area.
  • Dead hatchlings near a building that have been pushed from a nest.
  • Chirping sounds coming from inside the walls or roof.

Even small birds can cause damage or annoyance in the wrong situations. Many bird species carry histoplasmosis, a disease that spreads easily to humans and once contracted the effects are permanent.

Different bird species require different types of removal solutions. We are bird removal specialists, and can permanently fix your bird problems, regardless of species. Our courteous staff will also repair damage and take preventative measures to effectively exclude birds in the future.  We are certified professional installers of Bird Barrier products.

Common bird pests of Missouri:

  • Starlings & sparrows– Are cavity dwellers and are most likely to get in to your vents,soffits eves and attic .
  • Chimney Swifts– Cause problems to your chimneys lining and can cause destructive chimney fires.
  • Pigeons– Harbor many diseases. Nesting is dirty and unsightly. Feces tend to be widely scattered and pose heath hazards as well as aesthetic issues.
  • Woodpecker– Can cause damage to roofing and siding.
  • Geese– Can be aggressive and feces are dirty and a health hazard.
  • Ducks– Like to take over your pool and nest in landscaping.
  • Swallows, crows, grackles, sapsuckers, turkey, and owls can all be problems when they are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

We can help! We are specialists in bird removal and damage repair & restoration. Call or email us today!