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We have the experience and equipment to humanely remove foxes from your property. We are your fox removal specialists.We can capture and relocate problem foxes. Call today for professional fox removal

Foxes resemble small dogs, although they usually have longer legs, a pointier nose, and the well-recognized bushy tail. Fox tracks differ slightly from other canine species and are sometimes mistaken for cat prints. Both Red and Gray fox are common in Missouri.

Although generally shy around people, fox can be a nuisance to poultry and small pets. A fox will also scavenge on pet food left outdoors, and can carry sarcoptic mange, rabies and other diseases that are communicable to pets. They are not suitable as pets, nor are they tame, despite their ‘cute’ appearance. We can humanely remove foxes from your property and take measures to prevent re-infestation.

We are specialists in wildlife removal and control, including fox removal and control. We can help you take preventative measures to prevent fox problems in the future. Call or email us to discuss your problem.