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Effective Professional Bat Exclusions / Bat Removal

We are St Louis bat removal & control specialists, licensed throughout the state of Missouri.

Bats present the most complex and difficult removal of all species of animals native to Missouri. When a bat enters the home it can hide nearly anywhere. Due to their small size, bats can get in to crevices as small as 1/4″ by 1″. There are several species of bat that commonly roost in buildings: the little brown bat, big brown bat, red bat, gray bat horay bat, northern long ear bat, eastern pipistrelle bat, indiana bat silver haired bat and evening bat. No species of Missouri bat feeds on blood- Vampire bats live exclusively in Latin America.

Bats can actually be helpful in eating mosquitoes and other flying insects around your home- as long as they stay outside. Like any wild animal, they can be unsanitary, spread disease, and cause damage when they decide to live in your home.

Signs of a bat problem:

Visible accumulations of Bat Guano (droppings/feces)

Picture of attic space containing bat guano prior to bat removal

Bat guano accumulates rapidly and presents a health hazard

  • Bat Guano looks similar to mouse droppings but is usually found in large piles next to walls either inside or outside

  • Bat Guano will sometimes be stuck to walls and windows

  • Dark brown staining may appear at the entry point

Bat guano should not be cleaned by conventional means due to health risks such as histoplasmosis.

IMPORTANT: Never handle a bat found on the ground especially if it is alive as it may have rabies.

  1. If possible place a trash can, plywood or other large heavy object over the bat to help keep other animals from coming in contact with it.
  2. Then call us or your county health department to have the bat picked up for rabies testing.

We are certified for bat removal anywhere in the state of Missouri. Our staff provides quick, courteous  bat removal and sanitization. Call the St. Louis Bat Removal Experts or email us today to solve your bat problems.