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Bat service throughout Missouri


All kinds of pest birds


Gray, Fox, and Flying Squirrels


Clean and sanitize the area


Humane removal and control

If you are having issues with feral animals such as cats and dogs, please contact your county animal control, as we do not offer services for feral pets.

Wildlife Removal

Wild critters in your home or business are a problem that is often difficult to remove. Call our St. Louis area animal removal specialists- we will rid you of your animal problem.

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Wildlife Control Solutions is a is a full service wildlife removal specialist company focusing on safe, humane and effective removal of nuisance wildlife. We are not exterminators and use no chemicals or poisons, which creates a safer environment for you and your family. With over 30 years of experience, we can handle any wildlife problem. You can expect professionalism, expertise and effective removal strategies from Wildlife Control Solutions!