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Wildlife Control Solutions specializes in humane woodchuck removal and exclusion of other problem wildlife.We will humanely remove problem woodchucks from your property. Call the woodchuck removal experts today!

Woodchucks, often called groundhogs or whistle-pigs, are one of the most common mammals in Missouri. Woodchucks are hibernating, ground dwelling animals and are only encountered spring through fall.

Woodchucks like to live in areas with a mixture of open ground and woods. They are often seen on the roadside and near golf courses. When frightened, they emit a shrill whistle and dive into a burrow.

Signs of a woodchuck problem:

  • Burrow openings are 6-10 inch diameter holes in the ground. They may be hidden under porches or sheds or be right out in the middle of the lawn or pasture.

  • Paw tracks with four toes on the front paws and five toes on the back.

  • Woodchuck will often be seen foraging, especially in the morning.

  • Garden or ornamental plant damage.

Woodchuck burrows are typically quite extensive. They can be up to five feet deep and up to 30 feet long with several large chambers for living during summer and hibernating in winter. Other animals like woodchuck burrows too, so their presence may attract other unwanted pests such as raccoons and opossums as well. Although woodchucks are docile, their burrowing habits can be extremely damaging to lawns, cropland, and vegetation. Burrows may damage farm equipment and pose a danger to horses and riders.

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