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We can get rid of your mole problem. We are experts at mole removal and control.We are mole removal experts!

Moles are small animals that spend most of their time underground. They dig both shallow and deep burrowing tunnels that can cause lawns to look lumpy and grass to die. Moles primarily eat grubs and other insects and are not rodents, so rodent bait and traps are not usually effective at getting rid of moles.

Signs of mole infestation:

  • Shallow, winding trails just under the surface of a yard.

  • Mole hills look like a mini volcano in the yard.

  • Brown or dying grass above a depression in the turf.

The main damage caused by moles is in lawns, gardens and golf courses. They do not enter homes and usually do not eat plant matter. Their burrowing can upset the root systems of plants and grass, causing them to wilt or die. The burrows and holes can cause an uneven surface that can be dangerous or difficult to walk on or mow. Though it is less common in moles, rabies can still be an issue. Pets who may find or hunt a mole can be at risk. Smaller pets may be injured by the mole’s long, sharp claws.

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