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Wildlife Control Solutions is a full-service nuisance animal removal specialist.Whether your problem is pigeons, woodpeckers, geese or any other kind of bird, we can help. We are Missouri Wildlife Removal Specialists!

  • We are not exterminators and no poison or dangerous chemicals are ever used.
  • We use only proven safe, humane and efficient capture, trapping and exclusion techniques to solve your wildlife problems.
  • We are the safest choice for your family!

We are constantly asked “What We Do?”.  Throughout our many years in business, we have encountered nearly every wildlife species in Missouri, including all species of bats and snapping turtles. We will trap and remove any problem animal in accordance with Missouri Department of Conservation guidelines. Even if you are not sure what problem animal you have, we can work with you to get the problem solved, for good.

We believe every wildlife problem is solvable.We can remove any kind of rodent. We are Missouri Wildlife Removal Specialists!

Unlike many service providers, we have the experience and tools to get the job done right the first time. We specialize in both commercial and residential solutions. Contact us today for all of your nuisance wildlife removal needs!

We deal exclusively with WILD animals.