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We are opossum removal specialists. With 30 years of experience, you can be sure we will get the job done right the first time.We are opossum removal specialists

Opossums (or “possums”) are slow-moving grayish mammals about the size of a cat and with a long, hairless tail.

Signs of opossum:

  • Opossum tracks look like little handprints due to their long ‘thumbs’.

  • Runs or tracks that possums use to travel to and from feeding areas.

  • Claw marks in the mud, on trees, fence posts and gates.

  • Possum fur where they have been fighting or where they have crawled through fences.

  • Bark bites on trees.

  • Possum droppings look similar to dog poop, but tend to curl more.

  • High density of dead trees.

Opossums are opportunistic eaters, and will eat garbage, dead animals or pet food, which can bring them into contact with people and pets. They will nest under porches, patios and sheds, in attics and garages and hay barns and horse & livestock feeders when available, making a mess with droppings and urine and spreading disease to humans, pets and livestock.

A threatened opossum will usually try to escape. If that fails, they will ‘play possum’, acting dead and excreting a foul smell. They can be fairly convincing, so it’s best to wait and see if you think you have a dead opossum on your hands. They are surprisingly intelligent and can be elusive.

We can rid you of your possum problem, clean and sanitize the area, and help prevent future visitors. Call or email us for more information.