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We have experience dealing with all kinds of Missouri snakes. We can remove snakes and help prevent their return. We are snake removal specialists.

Snakes in Missouri are extremely common, and snake problems are among our most frequent calls. Of the 50 species and subspecies of snakes found in Missouri, most are harmless.

Missouri is home to 3 species of poisonous snakes:

  • Cottonmouth (water moccasin)

  • Copperhead

  • Rattlesnake

Non-native snakes that either escape or are released from captivity are becoming a more frequent problem in Missouri.

It is often difficult to tell whether a snake is venomous from a distance. It is not advised to get too close, or to try to handle or kill the snake, particularly larger varieties.

Being cold-blooded, snakes seek warm and sunny places on colder days, which is when we find them on sunny patios and driveways, or even on vehicles and boats parked in the sun. On warmer days, snakes may hide under homes and decks.

Lumber piles and thick shrubs and vines are common homes for snakes, which can put them in uncomfortable proximity to people. Although most snakes are naturally shy, most will defend themselves if they feel threatened. Non-venomous snakes can still bite, causing a hazard to children and pets especially.

We are specialists in snake removal- give us a call or email us to solve your snake problems quickly and permanently.