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Oct 27

Fall is here and Squirrels are looking for a nice warm attic

Fall is the time when the squirrels that were born in the spring and summer are leaving their mothers to establish their own den sites. St Louis County is a food rich environment for squirrels with an abundance of large mature Oak trees. Squirrels traditionally will live in hollow cavities of trees, however in suburban areas such as Webster Groves, Kirkwood, Ladue, Chesterfield and surrounding communities the trees are so well groomed that there are practically no den trees available to wildlife.

Squirrels are resourceful and adaptable and commonly find their way in to attics. Most commonly they will enter through roof vents or louvered gable vents. They wild also find weaknesses in soffits, fascia and roofline edges and chew, rip and gnaw their way in doing tremendous damage along the way.

When squirrels get in your attic you need professional help. Wildlife Control Solutions will capture and remove the offending pests and provide you with proper home repairs that are aesthetically and architecturally correct to enhance the value of your home and GUARANTEED ANIMAL PROOF.

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