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Apr 23

Baby Raccoon Pup Sounds in the Attic in St. Louis County

Baby Raccoon Pup Sounds in the Attic in St Louis County Kirkwood Webster Groves area

Turn up your volume for the video clip.

This is the sound of baby Raccoons in a attic.
Sometimes called pups or kits, baby raccoons can become highly vocal at times.
Occasionally the chittering, chirping sounds of baby Raccoons is confused for bird noises

If you are hearing this sound, you have a litter of raccoons in your attic. DO NOT GO IN THERE!
Raccoons can get highly aggressive if they feel that their young are being threatened.

Some pest and wildlife companies will want to look in your attic or worse yet, set traps in your attic. This will cause more and bigger problems. By disturbing the adult female Raccoon, it will often make her harder to catch and may cause her to move her babies. If she is caught by setting a trap in the attic, it will make a mess of the insulation and leave a trail of urine and feces through the living space of your house. With all the parasites and bacteria raccoons carry, this creates a potential risk to you and your family.

Our minimally invasive approach is to set traps on the outside at the entry point. It has been proven SAFE and EFFECTIVE for 30+ years


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